During your stay go exploring!

Cenaia (500m)

Cenaia is a vivacious town in the countryside of Pisa. Here you will find all the shops you might need while on holiday. This is an ideal location for those who want to explore the region as it is located at only a few kilometers distance from the renaissance art centers of Tuscany, it is 25 km from the coast, 20 km from Pisa, 36 km from Lucca and 85 km from Firenze. We also suggest you take some time and visit smaller towns like Lari at 10km distance and Volterra at 45 km distance.

Montopoli Valdarno (20km)

Montopoli rises up on a tuff rock hillside, between various springs that cross the River Arno north of the city. At the beginning of the Middle Ages, it was under the rule of Lucca, it has a strategic position in the Valley of the Arno. Every year in September the city remembers its origins with celebrations, costumes, dances and traditional songs.

Ciclilandia (20km)

Ciclilandia is located between Pisa and Livorno. It’s the biggest cycling park in all of Italy. It is dedicated to kids, families, senior citizens and people with disabilities. In total there are 150 bicycles and a 4 km long bike track on a 25000 m² property, with slopes that go up and down and turns and corners. There are also traffic lights and traffic officers that ensure that visitors respect the rules.

Lajatico (22km)

Lajatico rises 205 meters above the sea level on the Tuscan Hills. The town is located close to Volterra and San Gimignano, around 50km from Pisa and at a reasonable distance from the coasts and beaches that the region has to offer. It city was built around a castle from the 13th century, today it is famous for being the birthplace of the tenor Andrea Bocelli.

Lucca (26km)

Lucca is the apple of the eye of Tuscany, a town that cannot be missed due to its artistic beauty and its evocative atmosphere. Visit Luca and explore the narrow streets of one of the best preserved ancient towns of Italy encircled by a renaissance-era wall. Taste the local food in one of the many restaurants and participate in one of the many cultural artistic events.

Pisa (27km)

Let yourself be pleasantly surprised by the unexplored parts of the city. The streets beyond Piazza dei Miracoli (which is always filled with tourists and large groups eager to take pictures), are hidden treasures left unexplored by visitors. The surrounding streets are a stronghold of students, artists and artisans. Take a walk and lose yourself in these unexplored areas.

Castiglioncello (24km)

Castiglioncello is a lovely town on the coast of Tuscany, it is very vivacious during summer, it is populated with Villas and ancient pine groves. Along the coastline you can find many bars and restaurants. The beaches are picturesque and characterized by their red reefs that drop down to the sea. Castiglioncello is a destination for those who seek relaxation, culture and entertainment.